Giving it horns :)
Stand Up Paddling is wholesome, fun and healthy, there is no age limit and it appeals to males and females alike. It is very versatile and can be practiced anywhere you have a body of water like the ocean, canals, rivers, dams, etc. It can be a vigorous work-out or just a chilled cruise, you decide, either way it is great fun to just get out, meat others, explore and get closer to nature. It will make a definite positive impact in your life guaranteed as it has tremendous health benefits both physically and mentally.



Wave Riding

This is an extreme and advanced form of SUPing and not recommended for beginners as it requires specailised skills. We strongly advice instruction and supervision from our experienced instructors.

Lots of fun but also hazardous for the person on the board and other ocean users if the rider is not properly trained and not aware of surfing etiquette.
Do it right first time, let us teach you proper technique and etiquette.

A great way to just explore and cruise or if you crave the adrenaline derived from fierce competition flatwater racing will get you in peak shape. There are loads of skill and technique involved all of which we teach.

If you surrender to the wind you can ride it! 

See Cape Town Downwind teaser below